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American Documentary, Inc.
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American Documentary Inc. is a non-profit multi-media company exploring the potential of independent media in public life.

American Documentary, Inc. (AMDOC) is a multimedia company dedicated to creating, identifying and presenting contemporary stories that express opinions and perspectives rarely featured in mainstream media outlets. AMDOC is a catalyst for public culture, developing collaborative strategic engagement activities around socially relevant content on television, on-line and in community settings. These activities are designed to trigger action, from dialogue and feedback to educational opportunities and community participation.


Simon Kilmurry — Executive Director, American Documentary | P.O.V.
Cynthia López — Vice President, American Documentary | P.O.V.
Tammy Robinson — Chairman, Board of Directors, American Documentary

About P.O.V.:
The longest-running showcase for independent, non-fiction filmmaking on television, P.O.V. is PBS' award-winning series, now presenting 12-14 premieres annually on PBS. The shows include high profile out-of-season specials and the broadcasts are designed to trigger energetic viewer feedback, through mechanisms such as Talking Back: Video Letters to P.O.V., High Impact TV and P.O.V. Interactive. Visit website »

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Consider supporting our continuing efforts to give undersevered audiences a greater voice on TV and the Internet. Donations can be made to American Documentary through a secure payment system provided by Paypal.

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True Lives is presented by American Documentary, Inc. and American Public Television.

American Public Television

Download the 2006 True Lives Press Release: PDF | DOC
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